The Brown Program in Linguistics is dedicated to the systematic study of languages as highly structured systems which speakers have unconsciously mastered and use for communication, social meaning and many other purposes.

Brown Linguistics faculty and students study such topics in a wide range of languages from across the globe and using a wide range of empirical methodologies. Particular strengths of our program include the study of language variation (within a language, across languages, and within society), and the study of meaning, communication, mind and the role of information in the ways languages are structured.


Brown Linguistics offers AB and ScB Concentrations in Linguistics.
The Brown Program in Linguistics offers a range of courses across different areas of Linguistics.

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Jacobson at Edinburgh Conference

Polly Jacobson gave an invited talk at the conference "English Language and Linguistic Theory: A Tribute to Geoff Pullum" held at the University of Edinburgh on Aug. 31.
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